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We are a website focused on providing high-quality pet products. Our products include food, bedding,
toys, care products, etc., and are committed to providing the best care and care for your pet.
Kitty and doggy’s table feast!
Ensure your beloved pet’s happiness and healthy growth with every meal! Provide them not only nourishment but also an enjoyable dining experience. Let them savor the joy of eating and drinking to prevent obesity.
Fun and fun never closes!
Play is an essential aspect a pet’s happiness growth. That’s why we have designed the toys that will bring joy to your beloved companion every day! Witness the sheer delight on your pet’s face as they engage in playtime.
Cleaning Guards are here!
Who says cleaning is a headache for pet owners hasn’t discovered our innovative range of cleaning products yet! Our effective cleaning solutions and tools are here to keep your little angels refreshed and sparkling.
Sweet dreams, warm as home!
We create a dream nest for every pet, just like their own little world! Use the softest materials and the most cute design to give your pets warm and comfortable sleeping place and make them happy baby!

We offer the following products

Upgrade your pet’s life! Amazing changes with
Paws joy smart items!

Make your cat love home! Surprising power of Paws joy pet products!

Your pet needs a life upgrade too, see how I utilize
Paws joy Pet Supplies!

Bring your pet’s outdoor pet gear from Paws joy to enjoy the nature!

Why Choose Paws joy

Paws Joy Health Care CO., LTD, headquartered in Shandong Province, is a subsidiary of the Qilu Group and is a company dedicated to pet health care. Leveraging the Qilu Group’s nearly 20 years of trade experience and full support, Paws Joy has achieved remarkable success and grown rapidly.
From the perspectives of medical care and scientific feeding, we conduct in-depth research on pet habits and the needs of human-pet interaction.
Paws Joy focuses on the pet industry with the mission of “Pet health and happiness, making companionship more meaningful.”


Independent product design, development, and manufacturing, Respond to market changes.


We support ODM, OEM. Help clients realize their unique product vision and market strategy.


Our products withstand rigorous inspection, has obtained the BSCI factory inspection report.


The product is reliable and safe, has received FDA, CE, FCC, CPC, RoHS testing and certification.
Paws joy
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